Turtleneck : Forever 21 || Coat: Savoir Faire || Jeans: Forever 21 || Shoes: Forever 21 || Glasses: Target

Hello everyone and happy Friday! With the holidays quickly approaching, I know tons of y’all are busy with holiday parties, and picking out outfits can be tricky. I love this look for a casual holiday party. It’s comfortable and very affordable which is always the best. Every piece I have on other than the coat is from Forever 21.

This turtleneck is one of my favorite sweaters that I have this winter. It is so soft and it would be great for layering and staying warm. I love these jeans so much as well. I wish I would have bought 3 more pairs just like them! I cut the bottoms of them to give them a little more detail and I love the frayed look. These booties are also Forever 21 and I am pleasantly surprised how comfortable they are. You can never really tell when getting shoes from there how they are going to fit but I love how these fit on my foot. It took no time at all breaking these in and you can wear them for hours without being in excruciating pain. This coat is a go to this winter. It’s so thin and light weight, it’s perfect if you already have on a chunky sweater. I really do hate being to bulky and this coat is the perfect solution.

I finally got a camera! A Canon Rebel T5 and I am so excited about it. The difference in the pictures are amazing. For the longest time I was taking blog pictures with my iPhone, it worked for a while but it didn’t compare to the other bloggers and their amazing photos. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and it was a great gift. I’m so happy with it and can’t wait to take more pictures! (You can shop my look with the links above)



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