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Coat (sold out): Savoir Faire || Jeans: Forever 21 || Belt: Target || Shoes (sold out): Forever 21

Hello again! I hope everyones week is going very well. I can’t believe all the holidays are already over. It went by so fast and as much as I hate taking down Christmas decorations, I am so excited to see what 2016 will bring.

This coat is truly one of my favorites right now but is unfortunately sold out, noooo. I’ll post the link above at a later time if it comes back in stock! Of course, once again I’m wearing my favorite jeans, I promise I’m going to switch it up soon. But what I really wanted to talk about was the booties above. They are amazing and pretty comfortable. They do come up a little high and can rub your leg but other than that I had no trouble at all with them. I love that they are casual with a little heel and the buckle details on the side are my favorite. They are out of stock but I’m going to link some other favorites with buckles below!

  1. Flat Leather Booties – Forever 21
  2. Medium Heel Leather Booties – Forever 21 
  3. Higher price Buckle Booties – Forever 21





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